Get better performance from your boat!

If you want outstanding sail performance that will fit your budget, we have your sails. All UK sails are made using the latest design technology and state of the art materials. From our Uni-Titanium, through our X-Drive load path technology to our durable premium Dacron cruising sails: we have a sail to fit your needs that will provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment.


Why use UK Sailmakers Northeast to make your sails

Since 1946 UK | NE has made custom sails for Maxi yachts to small one design racers. Over the years UK has been passionate about perpetuating the “Art of Sailmaking”. Through research & development involving new sail design techniques and cutting edge materials our sails have remained fast, durable, and relevant to discerning sailors around the world. Our commitment to providing the “right” sail for our customers needs is more important now than ever. By measuring every boat we strive to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, we consult with every customer and discuss the kind of sailing they are doing, including the winds and waters typically experienced. The more information we have, the more custom tailored the delivered sails will be. We will sharpen our pencil to provide the best deal on any sail in our line-up. In a world of ordering things on the internet, we believe a personalized service is very important, and key to providing customers with the right sail at the right price.

Racing Sails



Highest performance, best shape-holding sail.



Lightest weight racing sail with continuous load-path yarns.



Load-path reinforced laminate sail.



Tri-Radial panel layout for increased shape holding.



Most economical laminate sails for small club racers.

Cruising Sails



Lightest weight performance cruising sail.



Load-path reinforced performance cruising laminate sail.



Tri-Radial panel layout for increased shape holding.



Most economical laminate material for cruising boats.



Most economical sails for cruising and daysailing.


At UK Sailmakers Northeast, we’re proud to announce our bespoke line of sails custom-made here in the good ole’ U.S. of A. Starting with design, to milling the sailcloth, to constructing the sail and finishing the corners, it’s all done here in the continental United States. Your boat deserves a custom suit of sails made in the USA!

UK Sail Design

Modern computer design programs create a 3D model of your boat that is used to make sure a designed sail is perfectly matched to your boat and rig. Designers can see how the sail fits around the spreaders and shrouds as well as make sure the clew height and sheeting angle are right. We can also analyze how a main and genoa work together to make sure your boat stays balanced. What we are looking for is a sail plan and sail shapes that put the maximum driving force in precisely the right place to produce a perfectly balanced boat – and with the least amount of drag.


Left is the 3D rendering on a Light No. 1 genoa for a Santa Cruz 50. Right is the same sail flying on the boat. The draft stripes are virtually identical.

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