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A full-service loft with locations in NY and RI

If you’re an adventure-loving cruiser or a grand prix racer hoisting the best sails in the world, all of us at the new UK Sailmakers I NE loft look forward to servicing all your sailing needs – whether they are UK Sailmakers’ sails, or any other. See what our dedication and experience can do for you.

Building on Success

UK Sailmakers Northeast operates in Port Chester NY and Warwick, RI – led by Constantine Baris, a lifelong sailor and his business associate and sailing buddy Kevin Crouchley, who will manage all loft operations and sales. Conny and his team are excited to build the UK NE business into a robust and full-service loft for cruisers and racers alike as well as repairs and service to all UK customers.

Our Sailmaker is Emmett Dickheiser. He has been sailing since high school and has won a variety of races including Block Island Race Week, Vineyard Race, Nassau Cup, and two J/44 North American Championships. Emmett's also done over 50,000 delivery, cruising, and racing miles as a professional captain. He’s been involved in the UK group for six years, and started working at UK Sailmakers Texas in college.


Patriarch of UK Sailmakers and sailing legend Charles (Butch) Ulmer is staying on to continue to help provide customers with the most insightful color on racing rules & tactics, as well as assisting in designing the optimal sail plan for each sailor’s needs.


Left to Right: Butch Ulmer, Ryan Zupon, Nick McGhee, Adam Loory (UK International), Conny and Jasper Baris, Kevin Crouchley, Susan Mottley-Smith, Mayann Weinberg, David Martin, Larry Winant, Emmett Dickheiser and Mike Colarusso.

The organization wants to exceed the expectations of everyone from adventure-loving cruisers to the most avid racers. As part of their new outreach, UK Sailmakers NY will host seminars on racing rules and tactics, sail handling and care, and safety at sea best practices. Specifically, we have developed our How to Make Your Boat Faster and Easier to Sail seminar about asymmetrical sails and a Rules and Tactics seminar as well. Please contact us using the form below to discuss available dates.

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