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Personal service and friendly advice

Since its founding by Charles “Buster” Ulmer, the UK I NE Loft has been synonymous with innovation, integrity and service. We are building on that tradition by continuing to offer timely repair service to get sailors back on the water as soon as possible.

Winter Service

Unparalleled Winter Service

UK Sailmakers | Northeast winter service program makes it easy to service and store your sail inventory in our climate-controlled facility.

Our program offers quality repairs on all brands of sails:

  • Free pickup and delivery from local boat yards and yacht clubs, including sail de-rigging and installation.

  • Each sail receives a 10-point check-up covering all key elements of the sail’s condition and performance: inspection of all edges, corners, seams, batten pockets, luff & leach tapes, luff hardware, and UV covers. Any defects discovered during the 10-point checkup will be discussed with the customer prior to any work being performed.

  • Professional Sail and Canvas Cleaning. Wash service is provided for those who want their sails clean, salt-free, and in optimal condition for spring commissioning.

  • Sail recuts and modifications, full batten conversions.

  • All mainsails receive new telltales when inspected and headsail telltales are replaced as needed.


Treat your sails right this winter.

Concierge Service

At UK Sailmakers Northeast, we strive to deliver a personal high-touch, professional service that delivers added value to our customers. Part of UK I NE’s concierge service provides for pickup and delivery at most yacht clubs and boat yards in the tri-state area. Through all seasons our concierge service is in place to make your life easier by being able to spend more time on the water. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your service needs.

Call us at 888-UKSailmakers

New Sails

How to buy a new sail:

Eight Basic Questions

Buying a new sail should be a pleasure, not a terrifying, difficult or mysterious experience. Sails are made to fit your boat, for the kind of sailing you want to do, and the winds and waters you sail in. The more information we have about you and your boat, the more accurate our quote can be with specific recommendations tailored for you. Our sales team has deep experience cruising and racing and we'd be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Our staff is very experienced and can make suggestions to help you, by starting with these 8 questions:

UK Sailmakers_SailBags.jpg
  1. What kind of boat do you have?

  2. In what year was your boat built?

  3. What rig does it have?

  4. Has the rig been modified?

  5. Where do you sail?

  6. Do you race, cruise or do both?

  7. What's the reason for buying a new sail?

  8. What key factors will influence your purchase?


Call us at 888-UKSailmakers or learn more by going to our RACING SAILS or CRUISING SAILS page.

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